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About 15,000 of the richest people in Brazil benefited the most from agribusiness growth in the country and the rise in the prices of agricultural products in the world market from 2017 to 2022, according to a study released by Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) on January 16. The document reads that 0.01% of the country’s richest people had a 248% rise in their income from rural activities in the last five years. For all Brazilians, rural income grew by 74% – less than a third of the increase seen among the richest.

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The study was produced by economist Sérgio Wulff Gobetti, a researcher at the Institute for Economic and Applied Research (IPEA, in Portuguese), based on general data from income tax returns provided by Brazil’s Revenue Service. The figures show that agribusiness is currently the activity that contributes most to the increase in inequality in the country.

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None of the other activities analyzed in the study (such as income from work, profits etc.) earned so much for the super-rich. Also, in none of these cases was the difference between the increase in the earnings of the super-rich and the increase in average earnings so great.

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